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Vegetable Capsules


If you are looking for a plant-based, all-natural capsule that contains no additives, our empty vegetable capsules are an ideal product to choose. Using these vegetarian capsules allows you to offer your products to customers who either require a vegan, kosher-certified or halal product or just want to choose a healthier option.

Our veggie capsules are made of biodegradable, GMO ingredient free plant cellulose, and they are gluten-free as well. These capsules are made with no additives or preservatives, so you can feel as good about these vegetable capsules as you do about what you put in them.

We have several sizes of empty vegetarian capsules to choose from, and you can also choose both the top and bottom colors of your capsules -- allowing you to color-code your products or create a custom look.

Many people prefer vegetarian capsules because they are an all-natural, plant-based product. Our site makes it easy and affordable to purchase these popular vegetable capsules online, and our low prices allow you to keep your own prices lower to attract more customers. Shop our selection and buy today!



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